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End of VGCW - wiki + TVTropes update?
Topic Started: Jun 22 2017, 05:27 AM (513 Views)
Wild Strike

Hi all. I only discovered VGCW this year - wonderful timing! - and, in my desire to get a sense for what was happening, understand the direction of the story and the many, many memes in chat, I went to the Wiki and the TVTropes page, in which I discovered two things:

a) The Wiki hasn't really been updated for the ATOHtude era
b) There is no VGCW memes page on TVT

VGCW is something very special, so for those looking through the archive or watching the other series that are still ongoing, having these two resources available may actually be very helpful. This is especially true with the Tropes page, which would have hundreds upon hundreds of references in it, and I don't think would be that much of a chore to create (for example, look at the equivalent page for WWE).

So, who's with me?
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the Wiki ended up being pretty annoying to update at a point considering how long the shows went on and people just were not able to keep up with all of it, same with TVtropes.

Right now I'm more trying to just keep everything archived on YT, I'm pretty sure all of S11-13 of VGCW is up there at least.
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Wild Strike

Really I think the only things that would stand to be updated on the Wiki would be the match records, and on TVT would be the creation of a Memes page. Adding in tropes and season summaries would be, I agree, too much effort for little reward.
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