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Rude's Retrospectives; Welcome to the most must-see forum thread in video game wrestling.
Topic Started: Oct 26 2017, 04:02 PM (13,489 Views)
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Hello everyone!

Do you like reading thousands and thousands of words about video game wrestling?

Sure you do!

Well if you're insane, you'll love my new thread, Rude's Retrospectives. Rather than writing up summaries of every show as if you don't have access to YouTube and can just watch them yourself, I'm going to look back over the many years this show has been running and give retrospectives of certain prominent wrestlers.

I'm also going to add a poll so beloved readers can pick who the next star is to get the keyboard treatment.

We'll begin with a big name in WVGCW. She's got a lot of history, going all the way back to Season One, but the person she ended up being was a damn far cry from the person she began as.


Chie Satonaka

Season 1: The Deadly Dud

Chie was a fairly obvious choice for the new WVGCW show, making her debut as VGCW’s first Persona rep in the WVGCW Championship Tournament. What an innocent time, when the concept of a Persona character in a VGCW show seemed so surprising. How the tides have turned. Ultimately, she got her ass kicked by Morrigan and the deadly dragon got deadly driven off the turnbuckle for a debut loss. She tried to find success against Tifa Lockhart…and pretty much just had a rerun of her debut, getting her ass handed to her once again. She would move on to fight Bayonetta, and while she did give us the eternal gif of Bayonetta getting her jaw kicked in while jumping across the entire ring, she would still go on to lose the match.

Chie had lost 3 times in a row, which was enough to start treating her as a joke when Carmen Sandiego literally stole her place in the first women’s Money in the Bank ladder match from her. She wouldn’t show up for another month, before taking part in a four-way cage match between her, Sindel, Jill and Peach, which Sindel would win.
Chie’s early career was bleak. Really bleak. The main thing that kept Chie going was the benefit of the show only just starting, meaning generally people were more forgiving and not looking to chuck out anyone with a few losses to their name (Unless that name is Ulala), and Chie was something of a scrappy underdog. Despite her losses being fairly one-sided, she showed a lot of heart, especially against Bayonetta, and her fans seemed convinced good things would come her way eventually. It was only a matter of time. As a certain Mr Johndudebro, noted Chie fan, said on the forums, “Sooner or later, Chie’s gonna turn everything around. You’ll see! You’ll all see! Maybe if the female equivalent of the Casual Championship ever shows up, she’ll pull an Ash and stop sucking to go after it.”

Mr Dudebro, wherever you are, you were fairly prescient.

Season 2: She stops sucking…ok, not really.

I would love to say that Chie’s second season saw a massive turnaround that saw her prove all her beloved fans right. Well, she proved some right! The ones who said she would win something eventually. The only issue is that something required her to fight her fellow barrel bottom feeders, but I am happy to say that Chie was proven to be not the worst in WVGCW, and as far as career starts go, that is certainly a something.

She fought against fellow lowcarder Gruntilda Winkybunion for her first Season 2 match, and after surviving a shower of green butt-based offence, she finally channelled that heart into something useful and used it to comeback and win, getting her first win. She went on to fight Chun-Li, another struggling wrestler, and actually was the more dominant of the two this time, with Chun-Li prolonging the fight through continuous kickouts, like some sort of, I dunno, a zombie? Ha ha, what a bizarre notion.

But the streak ended when she went up against ANOTHER lowcarder in Jill Valentine. After her streak was cooked she found a new tag team with fellow Persona Elizabeth to form the team “Steak Arcana”. History does repeat though, and she would lose her debuting match to Saint’s Roll, ending her season. Still, this was certainly an upgrade from Season 1, and Chie was developing a reputation for putting on fun matches, even if she didn’t win them all. Compared less to Gary Oak at the time and more to Chief Arino, she was assumed to never really be the top star, but fans held on to hope for her run at the midcard, or even the tag titles should Elizabeth prove to be a good help.

Elizabeth would not prove to be a good help.

Season 3: Steak Cold

Chie’s season began as it has twice before. A good match with a loss. Losing to Shaundi was business as usual for Chie. Things changed with her next match, a tag team match against the new team of Mad Gear. Elizabeth would be eliminated early into the match, but Chie just kept chugging along, trying her damndest to take out both Poison and Roxy. It was a gutsy showing, but to no avail. The attempt along was enough to get fans behind her, and Chie was given a chance to challenge the newcomer Roxy to a 20-minute Iron Woman match after suggestions on the forum.

Roxy was a total enigma being so new, so we didn’t know if she was any good at the time, but it didn’t matter since we damn well knew Chie wasn’t very good. But Chie won the match 4-2, showing a surprising level of dominance despite Poison’s interference. During the match, following on from a little known in-joke that was going on behind the scenes at the time, the crowd referenced an infamous Iron Man match between Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock by referring to Chie as Steak Cold and making a load of Stone Cold references. Everyone started referring to Chie as Steak Cold, and somewhere down the line, creative rolled with it. STEAK COLD STEAK COLD

Chie would not be picked for the 6-woman Casualette Championship match at Breakdown, and this sent the crowd mad after such a strong showing aginst Roxy. WHAT? On the forums, fans were clearly upset with Chie not being given her due, creating a bizarre fusion of Danial Bryan and Stone Cold for the fans to cheer for. WHAT? Eventually she came out using Stone Cold’s entrance to protest this decision, considering her win over Roxy. WHAT? She even called out Videl, saying she deserved to be in the match above her. WHAT? Videl came out to argue, and used her signature move on Chie: tapping like a bitch. WHAT? Chie whooped her and took her place in the Casuallette Match. WHAT?

That starting to get a bit irritating now? Yeah, you’re not alone with that.

Anyway, gimmicks aside, the miracle happened. Not only did Chie get revenge on Carmen when she came out to take her place in the match a second time, but Chie went all the way and actually won the damn thing. Fans obsessing over the Steak Cold gimmick became replaced by genuine happiness that Chie had pulled off the big one after jobbing out for so long. In terms of pure storyline, matches and fan popularity, there wasn’t really anyone better to become the inaugural Casualette Champion. Chie climbed up from the bottom to take her place in history. Lord knows it wouldn’t be the last time.

Season 4: The Shadow Plot

Chie was missing for a few weeks into Season 4, and when she returned to manage Elizabeth during a win against Rinoa, Shadow Peach would emerge after to challenge Chie for her title, with Chie continuing the Steak Cold gimmick. She would then go on to once again fulfil her seasonal pattern of losing the first match of the season, dropping her title to Shadow Peach.

During the weeks she was away, people had thought about the whole Steak Cold gimmick, and started to admit they didn’t really like it. See, Steak Cold, pretty much as soon as she emerged, was nothing like Chie Satonaka. Chie had been built up as a plucky, friendly underdog. Steak Cold was rude, abrasive, loud and acted nothing like Chie at all. The jarring difference between them put off a few of Chie’s fans. Not to mention, Chie’s matches became more about Steve Austin than Chie herself, with most of the match dedicated to spamming catchphrases and references, and MY GOD were her promos irritating now. Not because of her, but because the WHAT spam was as grating in a video game medium as it is in real life.

Chie really needed something to not just wipe away the shame of dropping the belt on her first defence, but to bring back the old Chie Satonaka that people had cheered for this whole time and remove the Steak Cold stigma. That was done easily enough in one single promo. She spoke to Elizabeth and told her she had been watching old wrestling videos and was trying something new, but it wasn’t really working out so she called it quits. It was quite impressive how easy it was to write Steak Cold off while keeping to Chie’s actual character. From there, she and Elizabeth claimed they would start investigating Shadow Peach, which again, is perfect considering Chie’s source material.

Chie went on to face Camstrings (God, remember they were a thing?) in a tag match, then give Elizabeth a push by losing to her (Which, well, wouldn’t help much in the end.) It should be pointed out that this entire plot is considered by many to be a favourite in WVGCW. Everyone involved, Shadow Peach, Daisy, Chie and especially Elizabeth all played their parts perfectly. The story was fun, the humour was on-point, the characters were well written. It even ended with Chie defeating her own shadow self, which turned out to be none other than Steak Cold, Chie’s hidden dark side. I LOVE that the concept of Steak Cold being way too different from Chie was taken and used to make her an actual shadow form of herself. Chie beat Steak Cold, then took out Shadow Peach to end Season 4’s plotline.

Although her actual success in Season 4 was essential 2 wins to 3 losses, and 2 of those were plot related, Chie came out of Season 4 really well. Elizabeth vanished into the void to look for Makoto in BWA, and Chie was told a new tag team partner was on the way for her. The stigma surrounding Steak Cold was gone for good, and although she wasn’t a champion anymore, things were still looking bright for Chie.

Season 5: The brave little toaster.

This isn't the Elizabeth retrospective, so I neglected to make one point clear. Steak Arcana never won a single fucking match. That sounds bad, but to be fair, they only had three before Elizabeth made the leap into the void. That said, a fresh new partner for Chie excited a lot of people. The audience wasn't kept guessing who it could be for long as Aigis debuted in the first episode of Season 5 against another fresh team of The Summoners. Huh. This is Chie's first match of the season, isn't it?...OH SHI-

Anyway, after their close loss in a very good match, Chie lost to Zelda in an Extreme Rules match, despite a very strong start. Despite the boos for Zelda, most people were pretty accepting that Chie really wasn't that good at this stage. With a record of 7 wins to 15 losses, a run at any championship seemed unlikely. However, a match with former tag champions Cobra Twonit suddenly turned their way, and after over 15 minutes of wrestling, the newly formed Steak Machina scored their first victory, and Chie's first ever tag win. They fought the Wright Anything Agency next, and after a monstrously strong shoot transitional dropkick, Chie scored another win, avoiding dropping the streak this time.

Two wins was enough to score a Tag Title Contenders match at Breakdown, and after a battle with Double Dash!!, Chie went from having no tag wins in her whole career to being the new #1 contender for the tag title in the space of one season. Aigis made one hell of a contribution to Chie's career at the exact time she needed it. Her singles career was spotty at best, and a run at the tag titles was the perfect way for Chie to keep the momentum from Season 4 going while not risking getting her ass kicked by someone a bit too far over her limits. The Chie fans were satisfied with that much. At this point, pretty much everyone knew Chie was never going to become the top champion, right?

Season 6: Hold that thought.

Season 6 started with what I believe to be RPGenie's best title defence against Steak Machina. Though Chie and Aigis didn't come away the winners, the match was close as all hell and incredibly fun. To be fair though, this was Chie's first match of the season, so the odds were entirely against her in this one.

Chie went on to lose a rematch with Bayonetta, then lost in a tag team match with up-and-comers Jet Set Radio. Fans were disappointed that Chie seemed to be slipping straight back into her old ways, though she did score a fatal-fourway elimination match against such monsters as Ema Skye, Impa and Jessie. It was looking like another slow season for The Deadly Dragon. But things were about to take a sudden turn.

Breakdown 6 saw the introduction of WVGCW's first ever Royal Rumble. The rumble was nearly over, with only a handful of wrestlers left, when Chie came running in at #38. She eliminated Lara Croft and Impa before taking on entrant #39, Morrigan. Then came running in Sindel at #40. Sindel was a thing at one point, do you remember her? Well at the time there was no one who the crowd hated more than Sindel, so her running in at #40 was a bit of a scare. When Morrigan went out, it was down to just Chie vs Sindel, and in a career of missed opportunities and close losses, Chie finally held her ground and took Sindel out, earning a WVGCW championship match against the two-time champion, Cate Archer.

This was a proper feel good moment for a lot of people. Chie had retained her spunky underdog image for a long time and was still popular, so comparing her to the hated Sindel was an easy one. It was fitting that the first Casualette Champion would go on to be the first Royal Rumble winner, earning something of a reputation for being the first in the show to do something. The main issue that followed this was making Chie, the wrestler whose last singles win that wasn't plot related was Videl back in Season 3, seem like a potential champion.

Season 7: Trial of the Dragon

Fortunately, that wasn't actually an issue for long as Jill Valentine, currently in the exact opposite situation as Chie with a winning streak of 4 singles wins in a row, made it 5 in a row by beating Cate Archer in a singles match, scoring a place in the championship match. The 2-time champion Cate Archer and the dominant streak holder Jill Valentine were potentially the two scariest women to fight in the company at the time, especially for someone with Chie's record, but by God, she did it. She kicked Cate's jaw clean off and pinned the champion clean to score the WVGCW Championship. I would like to tell you no one was happy with this outcome and mourned the loss of history's greatest champion, but I can't. There were a lot of happy faces in the crowd, having watched Chie Satonaka go from a wrestler who could go a whole season without sniffing a victory, to the WVGCW Champion herself.

Chie's story is a fun tale of underdogs, perseverance, and FREE STEAKS FOR EVERYONE (Sorry Black Josuke), but the truth was still clear. Chie's single record was pretty bad, and she couldn't defend in multi-mans forever. Jill fought Lara Croft in a contenders match for a one-on-one fight for the belt, but Lara came out on top, ending Jill's incredible win streak. Chie went to talk to Lara, which began the tradition that was pretty persistent for Chie's title reign: Getting a good talking down by her challenger. Lara cut a promo telling Chie she isn't the underdog, and that if Lara wins she doesn't want anyone to act like she beat a paper champ. It was a good promo, and it showed Chie's vulnerability. It's hard to talk back to someone who can beat a fighter like Jill when your last singles win was fighting Shadow Peach in the Titantron.

Chie defended her belt at Splat Wres, but she didn't defend it in the Main Event. This was a strange move for WVGCW, but the reasoning was fair. The Casualette Belt had seen such a massive decline under Sindel that it would be worth more if it were foil-coated chocolate. A string of champs who couldn't score a single defence followed Sindel, but finally a champion had emerged who could defend the damn thing, in a very unlikely place, and it was deemed worthy of main eventing the PPV to show that the Casualette Championship was worth as much to WVGCW as the Main Belt. The timing of having a champion wondering if she was worthy of being champion, and what acting like a champion meant, during the first time the WVGCW title wasn't defended in the main event was an odd coincidence, but it was just a one time thing, right?

Lara vs Chie was a hell of a fight, a 2/3 falls match where both wrestlers scored their first pin within seconds of the other. In the end, Chie proved her mettle and took Lara down, one if not the strongest wrestler in the company, giving Chie her first legit singles win since Season 3. Chie proved she was no paper champion, and she stood tall with a defence more than her last title run. Next episode, Sindel came out to demand a title shot, which was something she did a fair bit, and Lightning told her to piss off. Then Chie came out and accepted the title shot, so annoyed with Sindel's whining that she was willing to defend her title against her if it got her to shut up.

Then Chie got drunk on beer and lost a tag team match to Diet & Exercise, which was a thing. Sindel came out to cut a promo next match, and Chie came out to meet her. Chie cut probably one of her best promos against Sindel, recalling what she had learned from fighting Lara, bringing up her victories, bringing up Sindel's losses, putting over her previous opponents, and looking like a fighting champ by challenging Sindel for a fight right there and then, which Sindel didn't except because, guys, Sindel was just the fucking worst. Sure would be something of a shame if all this was for nothing, right? Like, I dunno, if Chie never actually FOUGHT Sindel after all this? What an odd thing to say. The match has already been booked, what could happen?

Anyway, on the go-home show, Sindel came out to cut a boring heel promo, when Kitana came out to challenge her. To punish Sindel for her actions, Lightning booked a contenders match between Sindel and Kitana. Then Kitana won. So now Kitana was the #1 Contender.

So, I was always of two minds about this. On one hand, Kitana's entire goal was to take down Sindel after she lost her KJ Lee gimmick to her, so Kitana taking Sindel's championship shot by beating her was the perfect end to Kitana's storyline. That's the problem. Kitana's story was now over. Her storyline had nothing to do with the WVGCW Championship. Oh yeah, she would be happy to be champ, who wouldn't? But unlike Sindel, who had been chasing after it for months, Kitana had only been interested in beating Sindel. She won the contendership from Sindel, but all the build Chie vs Sindel had been given was now entirely wasted. Kitana vs Chie had zero build to it, and their characters had barely interacted. Sindel might have been a piece of shit, but she was a piece of shit who the story had built to fight Chie.

So Breakdown 777 came around. Now we had Chie vs Kitana. They had the one interaction they would ever have during the show, where Chie admits they should probably have a conversation. The writers tried their best to build this, but it was very hard to shift Kitana's motivation from "FUCK YOU MOM" to "Want to be champion" in the space of 2 minutes. The build was lacklustre, and to make matters worse, Chie's title match was AGAIN snubbed from the main event spot. So the match had one promo of build, no real sense of tension, and the main event went RPGenie vs The Summoners. So essentially, the careers of RPGenie were deemed more important than the WVGCW Championship or more specifically, the WVGCW Championship held by Chie. This is an issue we may get into during a DIFFERENT retrospective, but let's scootch past that for now.

The Kitana vs Chie match....was really good, but there were big issues. It felt like a gimmick match, because Chie was changed beforehand so she only had corner finishers, and in 2K14, those missed a LOT. This meant Chie got her ass kicked a lot and just kept having to throw kicks out that missed 50% of the time. It was over 20 minutes of this due to Chie's poor accuracy. Yes, it was fun, but it also felt like creative knew this match needed something different, and the massive change of Chie only using her corner finisher made the whole thing seem off. In the end, Kitana vs Chie did nothing for either wrestler. Chie didn't benefit from it like she would have benefited from shutting Sindel up, and Kitana, who DID benefit from shutting Sindel up, lost her heat so fast she's been fired from the show since then.


That's right, it finally happens. Here, in this very season, Chie's ultimate streak finally comes to an end. IT ALL. ENDS. HERE.

The season started with The Boss winning the #1 Contendership against Jade. In their confrontation, Chie revealed that their match had been turned into a submissions match. Chie asked what Boss was thinking, and The Boss pretty much told her that what she was up to was far more important than Chie. I mean, yeah, Chie can't even get the main event on a mid-season PPV, Boss. Oh, she probably meant the whole Patriots thing...
The build for Chie vs The Boss was practically non-existent. The Boss was clearly more involved in the season plot than the title match, so the slight confrontation we got showed she didn't really give a shit about Chie. Despite The Boss being a submission specialist and Chie not really showing evidence she even knew what a submission was, Chie scored the win in a 2/3 submissions match. There are some key things about this match. One, this match placed Chie as the WVGCW champion with the most defences in history. Two, Chie vs The Boss was in fact the main event of the Royal Rumble PPV, and Third, most importantly...

...This was Chie's first match of Season 8.


...what streak did you think I meant?

The winner of the Royal Rumble was everyone's truly beloved favourite, Lucina. Chie would have an interaction with Lucina two episodes after the Royal Rumble, and she sounded kind of like an asshole. With all her other opponents, Chie talked about how she was looking forward to a good match and that she shouldn't be underestimated. With Lucina, Chie said she was looking forward to fighting Aqua instead and basically underestimated Lucina to her face. It was such a bizarre and sudden mood swing that it would make more sense if it was fucking Steak Cold back from the TV world.

Chie had a talk with Aigis before the fight with Lucina where she talks about how nervous she is, and how hard she's worked while Lucina made her career success seem effortless. This was kind of a bizarre promo as well. Chie is literally WVGCW's strongest champion at this stage. Her still needing Aigis to act as her personal coach was a strange move considering the great character development we had seen against the likes of Lara.
Lucina vs Chie was a strong 20-minute Iron Woman match. It was a close and exciting brawl, and at long last, The Dragon fell. Lucina won 5-4, and Chie's reign was over.


Many careers have up and downs. Chie's was essentially an upward slope. Starting from the bottom of the bottom, she ended up reaching the loftiest heights as WVGCW's greatest champion. She started as the plucky underdog, and over the years she fought and clawed her way to the ultimate prize. The story of Chie earning both her Casualette and Main Championships were both full and complete tales, and Chie's natural charisma and likeability helped her gain a lot of the audiences support.

A lot of Chie's early career were moments of brilliance hidden in strings of poor results, but Chie earned a reputation for great matches, and that stuck with her all the way through to the end of her title run. Some of WVGCW's most memorable moments in history aren't title wins or huge battles, but moments in time like Chie kicking Bayonetta's face off, The Shadow Plotline, the Royal Rumble win, Chie kicking Cate's face off, Black Josuke. Chie has had a long, wealthy career of successes beyond just winning titles. All those titles she's won doesn't hurt either.

Chie's WVGCW title reign started as strong as it could do, with some great matches, character development, and promos. But outside events overshadowed some of her reign. Her defence against Lara not being the main event can be explained, but her defence against Kitana not being the main event just made what was already a thrown together match seem even more ramshackle. The Boss was probably the worst opponent in Chie's reign, not only for their match being turned into a submissions match for plot reasons, but because The Boss showed no interest in Chie at all. It really made her seem like an afterthought, yet weirdly, THAT was the match she got the main event in. Her attitude with Lucina was almost like she was told to heel it up to make the babyface Lucina look better, and her sudden arrogance just left a bad taste in some of her fans mouths. In my memory, I remembered a lot more of Chie's opponents looking down on her, but in truth, Chie got over that element pretty fast, and her promo against Sindel especially highlighted the best of Chie. She just started acting like that again near the end against Lucina for some reason.

It's kind of sad that her promo against an opponent she didn't even end up fighting was her best one, but her Sindel promo perfectly summarised what makes Chie a good character and wrestler. She's confident, but it's earned. She's not arrogant, but she can be reckless. She's friendly and kind, but DAMMIT she knows some people need a kick to the face.

Where does Chie go from here? She holds the record for the greatest WVGCW champion in history, but with a new game being implemented, we have no idea if she still is. She has the record, but can't enjoy the legend career that Scorpion or Ganondorf enjoyed after their reigns, showing up once a season to terrify a newbie. Does she just slip back into the roster? Wherever she ends up, lowcard, midcard or topcard, she's already been there and done that. Chie has been in since Season 1, and unlike other fellow veterans, she's not really got something to do to make herself stand out or reinvent herself. Not only that, but with Persona 5 characters making their debut, Chie's place in WVGCW now seems more confusing.

It's not going to be easy, but Chie needs to find her new place in a new WVGCW. Aigis has cut off from the team on her own as the current Casualette Champion, so she can't rely on her team like she did back in Season 5. She can't just jump back into the title hunt like some others can. It's going to be tough for Chie, and that might be unfair for WVGCW's longest reigning and most defending champion, but Chie's career has been a string of tough situations. What's one more challenge to The Deadly Dragon?

Also, she really did never win a first season match until Season 8. God. Damn.
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I had absolutely no idea how large the gap between Chie's singles wins were. Like, before Lara, her last non-plot singles win was in Season 3? Sheesh. With how people had gotten behind her it's hard to remember that she didn't really have the record to back it up at the time.
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You forgot her @home adventures.
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I always enjoy reading different perspectives, so good thread, Semprini. I'll try to chip in with my thoughts where applicable.

Chie's a very interesting character for me to look back on, because hindsight is always 50/50. The timing of her run coincided with me taking over the lion's share of the writing for WVGCW, and so I was thrust into a situation where the top champion was a character I'd literally never heard of prior to joining this community in like what? Late S3 WV? I didn't really have any connection to the character from her series or even her early days as a scrappy underdog in early WV.

It was a fair amount of learning on the job when it came to Chie, and unfortunately, I think it kind of showed. I spent a lot of the time feeling like I was trying to chase the audience to find what they wanted from Chie, only to end up frequently overshooting and then over-correcting in the follow up, with the most egregious example being the build with Chie/Lucina, where I was hearing a lot of 'Chie gets overlooked' as feedback, so I was shooting for 'Chie has spent a lot of her reign getting talked down to, so she's not putting up with any shit from Lucina, who barely squeaked by Aqua.' and it came across as Chie looking heelish in comparison, which was never really the intention. So then came the Chie/Aigis plot to try and rein it a little, but by then it was probably too little, too late.

I don't think I ever really found my footing with Chie, and even to this day, I'm still a little tentative about writing her, though I think the build to the Bayonetta match at BD8 was okay. Her dynamic with Aigis is, at least, something that I enjoy.

As far as match placement goes...Honestly, I'm still 100% behind the decision to have RPGenie/Summoners main event Breakdown 777, but I think my biggest regret of S7 was just not letting Lara/Chie main event Splat Wres. The intention behind giving the Casualette the spotlight was good, but the match-up didn't REALLY warrant it, and the match itself wasn't really good enough to deserve it, either.

(I also think Chie/Kitana was a better match than many give it credit for.)

Going forward, I think Chie's in an alright position. She can't just be 'was the longest reigning WV Champion' forever, but it does allow her the leeway to take her time and wait for that next big opportunity.
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Holy shit camstrings. Only thing I remember about them was Bazza being upset when they lost to Still Alive.
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Good stuff.
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I hope that when Aigis drops the casual belt the two of them get a tag push. I've always liked them together but they've been tied up in singles title attempts for so long it feels like they're barely a real team; just two guys who hang out together.
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A rose, by any other name...
I remember wanting to put them into Co-Op contention, or even outright name them contenders if Bravely beat GG for the titles, as Steak Machina beat them in their debut, but then the whole matter of Aigis getting her storyline with Bad Girl popped up and it just never materialized.

There was also some concern about Chie's potential Triple Crown overshadowing Aigis further, though that's a little moot now.
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Forever Miku's loyal fan.
I don't really have much of a perspective to go on with Chie.

However, I will say that she has become well known on the show to the point where whenever I think of WVGCW, Chie's name is one of the first people that pop into my mind. With her being one of the people who busted her ass off to get where she is now, I have no doubt in my mind that her career will end with her going down as a legend in the future and if that doesn't become the case, then man it'd be a shame.

Honestly I absolutely despised Persona 4 stuff back in the day when it was becoming a whole big thing with VGCW related stuff in general and was practically EVERYWHERE. But, Chie was one of the very few exceptions to that due to her unique and rather enjoyable personality in plot and her memorable matches and it did help that after a while, the series she came from grew on me and I grew to like that along with her.
(Though nowadays I despise Persona 5 for similar reasons)

So overall, I'm proud of what Chie (and even her tag partner) have accomplished so far and I can only hope she'll continue to keep going forward in a positive direction.

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I will actually play Persona 4 soon. Seriously, I'll do it very soon!
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These will give a great insight on some of the earlier seasons that we've forgotten about over time. Fun seeing where people came from and how they progressed through the years.

Thanks for doing these!
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It seems like our next retrospective star is decided, unless Lucina grabs a few more votes out of nowhere.

You all realise Terra's career is LONGER than Chie's, right? You'll be reading even MORE words. Terra is literally older than WVGCW is.

Y-you don't want me to maybe change the poll, add someone a little less bulky? Maybe I could the Squid Sisters? Or Aqua?

Moogle, you love May! I can do a retrospective for her! Really get the details down.

Edited by Rude_Semprini, Oct 27 2017, 01:11 PM.
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Forever Miku's loyal fan.
I mean, I'd like to think that's precisely why people want a Terra one. Cause if there is ANYONE that has had a very long history with WV aside from the likes of Chie, it'd have to be Terra.
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A rose, by any other name...
Write the Terra, Rudewise.
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Captain Rodriguez
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I don't know how you made a thread where you write about WVGCW's most notable stars and thought you could get out of writing about Terra.
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