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Your Games of the Year: 2017 Edition!; What did you enjoy playing this year?
Topic Started: Dec 28 2017, 11:00 AM (627 Views)
Choco Nath
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What if hope had a gun?
It's that time of year again, a time where we can look back on the last 12 months and realize 2017 might have been the most stacked year when it comes to gaming ever!

As I usually do with this thread, feel free to list as many or as little as you like, number them if you want to, either way, lets remanence on one hell of a year for video games. Also feel free to add games that didn't come out this year but you played for the first time.

Honorable Mentions

Zelda: Breath of the Wild
- Might as well get this one out of the way first, out of the games I'm going to talk about, Zelda, despite being a fantastic game which set a new benchmark for the series, is at the bottom of my list. The reasoning is fairly straightforward, nothing in the game truly stood out for me, it was good and I had a lot of fun with it but besides a terrible weapon durability mechanic, a fish guy who gives you a thumbs up & smiles and Zelda's 'rear view' I can't really remember much else about the game besides beating it. The dungeons while fun felt like the weakest I've played in the series, not bad but I've had more fun in the previous Zelda games. That being said, Breath of the Wild is kind of like Ocarina of Time for me, didn't hate it, but it has set a template in which every game after will improve upon in some way.

Fire Emblem Warriors - As a series Fire Emblem is a game I buy enjoy but never seem to get around to finishing, with the Warrior games being the same. Both have been games I pick up and play and Fire Emblem Warriors is the same. Since buying it it's been the default game I'll boot my switch up for to have a quick play and relax with. Does it do anything special? Well not really but this has been my go-to 'relax and do nothing' game since picking it up. Easly one of the best games for the switch.

Resident Evil 7 - What a return to form for the series, a game that really surprised me with how well it turned out. It just narrowly missed out on being in my top 10. Let's hope they build on this formula for future games and we keep the series as a horror franchise and they don't make the mistakes made with 5 and 6.

10. Gravity Rush 2

I almost forgot this came out this year, seeing as it was released all the way back in January, but the sequel to one of the best games on a forgotten system was everything I was expecting and more, the whole world was as charming as ever and expanded on the games lore and world quite a bit, and that's before I mention the fantastic free story DLC involving Raven, which if you've not played through yet, you should. I hope Gravity Rush is a franchise that Sony put support behind for a 3rd game in the future because Kat is a good girl and deserves more attention.

9. Horizon Zero Dawn

So here's the thing about Horizon, it came out shortly before Zelda, I played it a bit then dropped it when Zelda came out. But I was drawn into the world in that short period by the lore and the characterization of the world and its inhabitants. So it was always in the back of my mind of going back to the game and once I did, what a hell of a game. Easily one of the best looking open world games I played, the story despite being nothing special did keep me interested throughout as I wanted to know exactly what came about of the world and why there are now robotic animals roaming about. The gameplay was fun and easy to pick up but involved you learning your enemies weakness and patterns in order to take them down. If you have a PS4 this is a must play game in my opinion.

8. South Park: The Fractured But Whole

I'll be honest if you're not a huge fan of South Park, it's likely this game will do nothing for you. For me however not only did they take the template created by The Stick of Truth, they built upon it more making the battles feel a lot more tactical and involved in comparison to its predecessor. If you enjoyed Stick of Truth you'll love this game too.

7. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

As of writing this, I'm still going through the game although I'm nearing the endgame so I feel like I can give the game a mention on this list. Xenoblade 2 although not being as strong as the original game on the Wii is still a fantastic game despite a few flaws. If you enjoyed the previous 2 Xenoblade, mainly the Wii original, you'll have a blast with this game. Also as a little side note, although you can claim the voice acting isn't great and there's a Japan audio pack, stick with the English dub as it has more character than any other JRPG I've played, I mean where else will you find Welsh, Scottish, Austrailian and Northern English accents in 1 game?

6. Danganronpa V3

To the surprise of no one, Danganronpa once again made the list of my GOTY. V3, unlike the last game Ultra Despair girls follows the formula from Danganronpa 1 and 2 half school life visual novel half Phenoix Wright. And once again I had a lot of fun going through the game, however, I do feel V3 almost but not quite reaches the heights the other games do in terms of its story but at the same time, it never hit their lows either. If you enjoyed the first 2 games this one is worth a look, and if you've never played a Danganronpa game check out the Demo, it's a self-contained thing that will give you a taste of how the games work.

5. Tales of Berseria

This has been a game that since playing it all the way back in January, I knew would make it onto the list. Berseria is easily my favorite Tales game to date, everything about the game clicked with me, the gameplay is as good as ever in a Tales game and the story although nothing special kept me invested from start to finish. Also, this game gave us the gift that is Magilou, so if you've ever had an interest in the Tales of games it's definitely worth a pick up.

4. Yakuza 0

The Yakuza games are a series I've always been tempted to try but never did. Then 0 came out and well I should have jumped on these games a long time ago. Yakuza managed to balance its serious crime drama main plot with a bunch of wacky off the wall subplot which just keep putting a smile on your face. If you never picked up a Yakuza game before then START WITH THIS ONE as it's a great introduction to the series and one hell of a game.
Posted Image

3. Super Mario Odessey

Probably the standout game on the Switch this year, Mario Odessey is nothing but fantastic from start to finish. It's pure and simple fun, rewarding players for exploring and trying out different things within the game world. I never thought they could top the galaxy games but Odessey found a way. If you have to own only one game for the Switch, it should without a doubt be this game

2. Nier Automata

This game is just fantastic, no two ways about it, and it very narrowly missed out on the top spot for my GOTY. Nier is one of those games that plays around with the concept of being a game, in a way a few games do. I would love to go into detail with it but it's a game you have to play and experience yourself, and a game you have to beat several times (trust me) as it links into the actual story progression. Then you add Platinum games to this mix to ensure the combat is top notch and you end up with what could be described as a 'Nier' perfect video game... I'm not apologizing for that awful pun.

1. Persona 5

Posted Image
You probably saw this Commmming!
Speaking of perfect games, Persona 5 is close to that for me. Although the story isn't as strong as 3 and the villain is weaker than 4's. Everything else about this game takes what the previous entries built and perfects them. The combat is satisfying as always and the characters are some of the best in the series. I'm sure everyone who's played the last 2 game have already played the game by now, but if you've ever wanted to try the series, this is a great introduction to the series, just be aware that if you decide to go back to other games after they won't be as polished or refined.

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I would say that, while this is truly one of the best years of gaming ever, my winner for 2017 GOTY is a 2006 game, because realistically, nothing can beat one of the most, if not the most, charming games ever made in glorious 4K and available in every possible platform that is Okami.
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Learning to make a good caw since 2k13
I might as well throw my hat into this as well

10: Dragon Quest Heroes 2
I've always been a fan of the Dynasty Warriors games, so when I found out that there was a Dragon Quest game in the same format, I was hooked and DQH2 improves on so much, even letting you pick your own class, a lot of the characters from past Dragon Quest games show up, many returning from Heroes 1. Also the male and female leads aren't copy pasted movesets of each other in 2 (due to being able to change your class)

9: Agents of Mayham
I wasn't sure what to expect from this game, but I was rather surprised. This game is corny, with many characters with their own personalities and playstyles, each one plays differently from the other and it doesn't take itself seriously at all, hell one of your starting guys, Hollywood, wants to make a sub group with the other two starting members of the team, complete with lunchboxes, action figures and so on. Also the almost 90s cartoon intros for major missions and new characters is kinda cool. However it does rate a bit low due to cars being kinda slippery and some of the special skill of the different playable characters tends to repeat itsself once they unlock their second skill.

8: Nier Automata
There isn't much to say that hasn't been said already, an amazing game from start to finish with a decent enough cast and more than one playthrough to fully understand the whole game from the three playable characters. The combat feels fast and hectic and yet fluid enough to be rather enjoyable testing differant weapon combos, atleast with 2B.

7: Miitopia
Honestly this is the game that should of launched with the 3DS instead of Find Mii, while the AI takes over most of the combat, its just fun filling your 3DS with Miis and placing them in the towns and in your party, while I kinda wish there were different classes, some less silly than we got, its still a ton of fun to be had, if not just for the hyjinks. Its a bit of a shame that this game around so late, I kinda hope that Nintendo ends up making one for the Switch.

6: Yakuza Kiwami
The remake of the first Yakuza from the ground up, it edged out 0 only slightly, its the very first Yakuza game and I can't wait for Kiwami 2 to hit the States, its the same Yakuza good time we've come to know, crazy sub missions, addictive mini-games, seriously, I spent so much time on the Pocket Car racing one its not even funny, and ofcourse the same bone crushing combat we've come to expect.

5: Dot Hack Gu Last Recode
For the longest time I kept hoping for a new Dot.Hack game, screw Sword Art Online, I wanted the good shit, so when I found out that Gu was being remastered, I was so hyped since I played all three disks back on the ps2 era and loved every moment of it. even made First Form Haseo in 2k18. The cutscenes looks amazing, the gameplay is exactly the same as I remember, and honestly some of the villains in this game are rather well done, also they added a brand new chapter into the mix so thats even better. If you've never played a Dot.Hack game, this is the one to get.

4: Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
I mean...its Breath of the Wild, while its not my top pick, its still a solid pick and a great time for any Zelda fan, it creates a great base than I hope we see improved as more go on, and hopefully might end up being the staple for Zelda games to come.

3: Monster Hunter Stories
A bit of a surprise pick honestly, I got this on a whim, had no idea what to expect and I am loving it. Think of a more colorful, anime style Monster Hunter, with a neat rock/paper/scissors style to combat, just about every monster in the standard MH games are here, and a good majority of them you can add to your party to fight along side you. Some even have special abilities to use on the large world maps. While it does suffer some lag on the 3ds, it still looks amazing and I kinda hope we see it brought onto the Switch sometime soon.

2: Assassin's Creed Origins
Maybe one of the better AC games since Black Flag, it refines a lot of problems the others had, combat is more fun and challenging, you're not stuck to one type of weapon and some perform drastically different than others. Some are fast and can cause bleeding on hits, some are slow but build up more rage for powerful attacks and so on, it even makes crafting less of a hassle. Granted I'm not super far into the game, but what I have played is still fun and enjoyable.

1: Persona 5
Besides what little I played of Persona 3, I never played a Persona game, and was a little scared away by some of the more harder versions like SMT, yet I felt like I had to give this game a fair shot and I am so glad I did. Everything about this game is great, the characters, the story, the music, the gameplay...its easy to see why this took RPG of the Year. Hell I often look for new people doing LPs of this game just to see their reaction to certain events, like Joker ripping off his mask or Morgan turning into a van and so on. Also the voice acting is amazing as well, mostly from Ryuji, though still good and a nice twist near the end I wasn't expecting. Its super close to being perfect with a few minor things slowing it down, but not enough to knock if off number 1 on my list.
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Rainbow Six: Siege
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epic maymay
I'm not even sure I played ten new games last year, what with being a Switch/PS4/Xboneless pleb and having a laptop that can just about run a DS emulator and FFVII, but of the games I did play, Breath of the Wild would be top of the list. Notable mentions go to Fire Emblem Heroes (even if the summoning is rigged against me) and Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia (which, despite having phenomenal presentation compared to Awakening and Fates, suffers from the problem of having Gaiden's maps).

Miitopia was fun too, though I think I enjoyed Vinesauce Vinny's playthrough more than my own one. However, the best handheld game of 2017 had to have been Metroid: Samus Returns. Not only was it a great game in its own right, but the first side-scrolling Metroid since 2004 and the first GOOD Metroid since 2007. Return of Samus was long overdue a remake, and while Nintendo's decision to Cease and Desist AM2R was an unfair one, Samus Returns didn't disappoint. Except the over-reliance on melee parrying. That got old quickly.
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Outer Heaven
I didn't play much this year, so I just have a top 5.
5. LoZ: Breath of the Wild
4. Persona 5
3. Danganronpa V3
2. Etrian Odyssey V
1. Divinity: Original Sin 2 (by far)

Honorable Mention to Story of Seasons:ToT
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Captain Rodriguez
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Hey I think I played ten games this year that actually came out this year! Let's have a list:

Before we begin, special condemnation to WWE 2K18. It's decent enough to make CAWs in I guess but in any regard in which it could be considered a game, it absolutely fucking fails. Gameplay-wise, it's a complete mess. Just wait for 2K19 tbh. Also fucking lollllllllllll the Switch version.

????????. Doki Doki Literature Club
I can't really rank this one way or another because this is a game you'll either love or hate. It's best to go in 100% blind as I did but it might be impossible to these days with all the memes being thrown around. Either way, it's free and like 4 hours long so it's worth a shot. I really, really enjoyed it.

10. Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga DX
I love the Mario & Luigi games, but I started with Bowser's Inside Story so this was a great opportunity for me to go back to the one that started it all. The game does show its age relative to the other entries as some mechanics appear that aren't in any of the later games and the battle system and Bros. Attacks are relatively tame compared to how crazy combat gets in some later entries. Regardless, it's still charming and lasts exactly as long as it needs to; I beat it in under 20 hours whereas the likes of Dream Team and Paper Jam took me over 30. I did try out the Bowser's Minions story but it was really boring. You basically just sit there and watch your troops fight and occasionally hit a QTE. The story seemed charming but it wasn't enough to get me to sit through the boring gameplay. In any case, I bought the game to play a Mario & Luigi game and I wasn't disappointed. Probably not worth full price but it's worth picking up if you're between games and want a fun, short experience.

9. Kingdom Hearts 0.2
So this game is technically part of the 2.8 collection which also contains a movie about the Kingdom Hearts mobile game (which I despise) and an HD version of Kingdom Hearts 3D which I didn't touch. I literally paid full price for this collection just so I could play what amounts to a 2-3 hour demo of Kingdom Hearts 3, and it was well worth it. Aside from being visually awesome, it was great seeing WVGCW superstar Aqua again and the gameplay is easily the best since Kingdom Hearts 2. If Kingdom Hearts 3 plays like a more refined version of 0.2, we are in for a damn treat.

8.5. Kingdom Hearts 1.5+2.5
Every game on this collection is obviously not from 2017 but I couldn't resist putting this in anyway. The PS4 ports on this collection are easily the best way to play the Kingdom Hearts series. For my money, it was worth the 40 bucks just to be able to play Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix, which is still one of the best action RPGs ever made.

8. Xenoblade Chronicles 2
At the time of this writing, I'm not even close to having beaten this game. So, honestly, if you ask me in a couple of months, this game will either be higher on this list or I'll spit in your face and tell you that this game doesn't even deserve to be close to the top ten. So far I'm having a similar love/hate relationship with this game much like the love/hate relationship I had with Xenoblade X. Certain parts of the game I enjoy quite a bit, and other parts just invariably piss me off. The biggest strengths to me are the combat and the cast. The worst parts are the fucking gacha pull system for rare blades (why the FUCK did they think that was a good idea), the sheer amount of mechanics piled on top of you in rapid succession, and Monolith's continuing insistence on putting absurdly high level monsters that randomly decide to one shot you wherever they damn well please.

7. Fortnite Battle Royale
Belmont and English got me into this game back in October. The game isn't without its issues, but at least the devs are frequently updating it with bugfixes, new content, and overhauls as it is early access. I've nevertheless enjoyed my time with Fortnite because it's just fun multiplayer action that's easy to jump into. You never feel too down for losing a game because it's so quick and easy to just hop right into another one and keep playing. And, at the end of the day, it's free. Epic Games does offer cosmetic microtransactions but they make it very clear that buying a super special skin for your glider doesn't make you automatically better at the game.

6. Yakuza 0
I only knew a few things about the Yakuza series before picking this game up, but as a prequel to the entire series it was a really easy point for me to jump in. In a nutshell, Yakuza 0 is fun, insane, emotional, and extremely memorable. My biggest complaint is just how much I grew to dislike playing as Kiryu simply because Majima has a more interesting story, better combat, and the cabaret club sidequest is much more fun than the real estate sidequest.

5. Super Mario Odyssey
This game is good. Damn good. It's a phenomenal balance of "easy to learn, difficult to master" which is how every Mario game should be designed. From an objective standpoint, this is probably one of the best games Nintendo has ever made or will ever make.

But I'm a fucker and I didn't get as sucked into it as everyone else. I beat the game, did some extra stuff, enjoyed it and everything, but I just didn't get as hooked. I never felt the need to go back and collect the hundreds of moons that I missed. Maybe it's because Fire Emblem Warriors came out around the same time and demanded my attention instead. In any case, that's why this game is only number 5, despite how good it is.

4. Persona 5
I could write a lot about this game but I don't need to. It's got a memorable cast, awesome music, and some of the most stylish visuals I can think of in any video game. Some parts of it were a bit of a slog, but I overall enjoyed my 100 hour romp in Persona 5.

3. Splatoon 2
The single-player is short-lived but enjoyable, much like the first game. The multiplayer is more of the same but is better balanced and overall more fun. Pretty much everything about this game is a step up from the first.

But none of that actually matters, because Salmon Run is easily the best part of the game. I've always preferred co-op games to competitive multiplayer, and I found Salmon Run to be much deeper and more intricate than I expected from the trailers. English and I once spent 8 hours playing nonstop without realizing it. Because the weapons and the map are always rotating, you'll never get the same experience from different sessions. You never know what to expect game-to-game or even round-to-round. You might have a game where everything goes smoothly and you win and then another where you just get wiped in the first round because it's high tide and three Steel Eels spawned at once. To me, Salmon Run strikes a perfect balance of being random enough that it avoids getting stale, but it never feels like you're just getting constantly fucked over by RNG and other forces beyond your control. If Nintendo made Salmon Run into a full game, I'd pay $60 for it in a heartbeat.

2. Fire Emblem Warriors
Does this game actually deserve to be this high up? Probably not, but I can't deny how hooked I got on it. I'm approaching 100 hours right now. The faults of FEW mostly lie in its roster (both for fanservice reasons and the fact that certain weapon types are vastly overrepresented and others are scarce) but everything else about it is insanely well-designed for a musou game. So much of the tedium of Hyrule Warriors and other musou titles is mitigated. There's so much less grinding and it's so much easier to keep the majority of your roster leveled. Being able to command troops and switch off characters on the fly makes it feel so much more like you're commanding an army full of badasses as opposed to something like Dynasty Warriors 8 where you feel like one superhero rushing around a battlefield trying to put out fires and babysit a bunch of incompetents. A sequel that continues to improve upon the foundation set here could be the best musou ever made.

1. Breath of the Wild
I'm a Zelda mark through and through, and while this game definitely has shortcomings I feel Nintendo should rectify for future installments, I still enjoyed the experience. It's such a breath of fresh air having a vast world to explore after how tight and cramped the overworld of Skyward Sword felt. The DLC is also very enjoyable, especially Champions' Ballad which had way more content than I expected. All-in-all, this game left me wanting another new Zelda title more than ever.

0. Fallout: New Vegas
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10. Doki Doki Literature Club
Fun free psychological horror game that you only play once, I liked how it fucked with the player.

Fun game

8. Splatoon 2
Fun game too

7. Kingdom Hearts 0.2
If 3 is gonna be like this but with many worlds instead of just one, it's gonna be gold.

6. Metroid Samus Returns
Should have been called ''Samus FUCKING Returns''. I hope Prime 4 won't disappoint either.

5. Xenoblade Chronicles 2
The true sequel, unlike X. It's got everything that made the first game memorable: fun cast, good story and mindblowing twists. However the last three chapters were too fast-paced and the ending left me a bit unsatisfied, if it wasn't for this the game would be ranked higher.

4. Sonic Mania
Sega pls let only Murrica make Sanic games, ok?

3. Super Mario Odyssey
A natural evolution to the model in Super Mario 64. The game is a joy to play from start to finish and just moving Mario around feels satisfying. Not having Isle Defino was a huge missed opportunity though.

2. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Exploring the map of this game was one of the best gaming experiences I've ever had. This right here is how open world games should be like. Please make another, Nintendo. I need another map like this to explore.

1. NieR: Automata
This game. This fucking game. This fucking game fucked with my emotions and after beating it I couldn't play anything for a week. It's... quite the experience. It's a game that fully takes advantage of being a game to tell a great story.
You get all these Western games trying hard to be all deep and shit, meanwhile a drunk Japanese man who masturbates to his own characters wrote something truly amazing. That one tweet of Yoko Taro meeting David Cage pretty much nails it.
Considering how much it fucked with me, there is no way this fucking game isn't my GOTY.
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