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BWA Season 5 Episode 7!; Winding up to the finish!
Topic Started: Jan 12 2018, 07:18 PM (360 Views)
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Furious Dancer
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Season 5 Episode 6!

A rare written announcement for the show this week cause I remember some people wanted to read stuff instead, so here we go! We're closing in on Final Round as we start wrapping up who will be in the first ever WWE 17 Royal Rumble Match!

We will have our first ever Tag Team Cage match between Double Dragon and the Mechon Warriors! Two teams still looking for their first win! Number One contenders for our first 17 Tag Champs will be decided soon!

Two men who we're both tapped out quite quickly will face off! Uncle Death and Goku will duke it out in a Falls Count Anywhere Match!

We also have a triple threat contest between Ken, Julius and Team Flare Grunt that I haven't decided the stipulation on! How about you guys decide for this one! Leave your comments below and I'll make it happen!

And in our MAIN EVEN!

Galford will have to defend his Arcade Championship against 3 other random opponents! See who decides to show up to take that title! Can anyone defeat this man?!

All this and much more this SUNDAY January 14th at 6 PM Eastern Time @ Twitch.tv/vgcw!


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Remember last year when we were excited for this?
Man, Ken/Julius/Flare Grunt would be a great inferno match, but in absence of that (thanks 2K17), maybe a tables match and we can hope one gets lit on fire?

And I'm not sure at this point that Galford can be stopped, but I can't wait to see who tries.
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A rose, by any other name...
Seconding Tables.
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tables matchs are always fun imo, even if they're short as fuck in 17

also I hope Galfordwinslol
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Will Samurai Shodown maintain its supremacy? iunno
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Galford needs to win brother
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Thanks for doing a text post.

And I do agree with tables.
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