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WVGCW Genesis Silver Block - Night 3
Topic Started: Jul 9 2018, 03:19 PM (279 Views)
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Silver Block is back! WVGCW Genesis 2: Silver Block Night 3 will be going live on July 10th, at the usual time of 6PM Eastern/3PM Pacific!

The tournament continues, but now that the full roster has been revealed, we can start to mix things up a little bit!

The show will open with a cross-block tag match! Then the block matches proper begin:
  • Miu Iruma takes on Makoto Nanaya!
  • Alisa Amiella faces Android 21!
  • Nia challenges Marisa Kirisame!
  • And in our main event, Urbosa and Shiki Misaki face off as both look for their first win of the tournament!

Tune in to see which Silver Block competitors will take the next step forward towards claiming total victory!
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Go Urbosa.
Edited by giygasattack, Jul 9 2018, 03:21 PM.
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If 2K17 was realistic then Silver Block would be settled by Urbosa crushing everyone's heads with her thighs.
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Here's to Miu eating a fist full of shit (and baps), courtesy of Makoto!
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Predictions for tonight:

The cross-tag match will be crazy fun as always.

1. Makoto will get her first win.
2. Alisa and Andriod 21 will have the match of the night.
3. Nia will style through Marisa like she did through Urbosa.
4. Urbosa will lose to Shiki.

This is gonna be good!
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Should be a fun main event...I can't wait for TWEWY music. That is going to rock.
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